Why Should I Book A Professional Make-Up Artist?

There are plenty reasons why you should book a professional make-up artist for your big day! Such as:

You are unsure how best to apply make-up for your photographs and any filming that might be done on the day.

You want to look like the best version of you but wear the same make-up for years - how will you make it extra special?

You want your make-up to look flawless and to last all day through all the happy tears and dancing!

You would be too nervous on the morning of the wedding to apply it yourself. A shaky hand and eyeliner are not a great mix.

You want to be pampered on your wedding day. This is your day and you want to look and feel like your absolute best! You want the luxury of having an important part of your day taken care of.

You have spent so much money on your dress, shoes, jewellery, venue, photographer -  why not on the one thing that will be in every photo to remind you of your day, your face?

You have little if any make-up and/or what you do have is past it’s best. Having a professional make-up artist will save you having to purchase all the products and make-up brushes needed for the day, that you may not necessarily use after the wedding date.

You want to know that you are in safe hands of a professional who has done hundreds of weddings and will keep you calm and ensure you have the absolute wow factor. 

When Should I Book?

I take bookings for the current year we are in and the next year. So as soon as you know your date I highly recommend getting in touch as dates do fill up quickly! 


What Brands Do You Use?

I use a variety of brands such as MAC, NARS, Illamasqua, Ben Nye, Laura Mercier, Becca, Stila, Bobbi Brown, RCMA, Face Atelier, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Make Up Geek and various others!  I like to use premium professional brands that I have trialled and tested to ensure quality and durable application. 

How Long Does It Take?

It depends on the size of the bridal party and the look each individual opts for.  I find that roughly 30/40 minutes per person is the usual amount of time. 

How Many Can You Do?

Again depending on the looks required and the time of ceremony, this is why the contract helps to plan in advance how many I can do and what time I will start to allow the party to be ready an hour ahead of the ceremony. I find it that my average bridal party is 5/6 individuals and to be on the safe side I would say that 7 is my absolute maximum amount - this does mean a very early start for the bridal party usually.

How Far Will You Travel?

I will travel anywhere!I have been lucky to travel to Italy and Fuerteventura for work! I have a call out fee for all weddings within Inverness - to allow for time to pack up, unpack, pack up and unpack again.  For any outwith Invernes, I have the call out fee with also mileage and an hourly rate of travel away from the studio.  I have to incorporate these costs to allow for appointments missed due to travel. For any with a considerable distance an agreement on accommodation can be reached but it will all be tailored to the location. 

Should I Get A Trial? If So When? And Where?

This is completely up to the bride! I recommend a trial as it puts the bride a bit more at ease for her day, sometimes a trial cannot be had due to the bride living abroad and in this case I recommend having a look at my previous bridal work to select a few images for inspiration. Trials are not included in cost and the bride can have as many as she would like, I recommend them 1 to 2 months before the big day, these are done within my studio and can be booked in on this website. Should the whole bridal party have a trial? Usually it is just the bride but again this is completely up to the individual. 

What If I Do Not Like The Make-Up?

If you are nervous about getting your make-up applied I would say a trial is essential.  This means we can take our time and work on a look that you are comfortable and happy with.  If the client is unhappy with any part of the make-up is she lets me know I can change and adapt the look until it is exactly what the bride wants. Never be afraid to say you are unhappy as I would much rather you feel like the best possible version of you. This is where taking a look at my previous work helps as I can identify which elements you like in a look. 

What Do I Have Done First - Make-up Or/Hair?

Ideally if you are having your hair set in rollers or pin curls it is best to go for hair first and whilst the hair is setting, then have the make-up applied. If a blow dry is being had it would always be best to have hair first. If the hair is not being set or washed you have the option to have your make-up first. 

What Do I Touch Up With?

If you have a trial I will give you a list of items to touch up with tailored to the look. I can acquire these for you if you so wish. If no trial is being had I will correspond and recommend a couple of items such as a pressed powder and a lipstick.

Do You Apply Lashes?

Yes I do! I will apply individual cluster lashes or strip lashes with waterproof glue. These will last up until you cleanse your face fully. I find these are the best option for you big day as semi permanent lash extensions do not give a full enough look and fall out from eyeshadow can drop on them and it leaves the make-up looking unfinished. LVL is also not recommended close to the big day as lashes too lifted do not allow for eyeliner or lashes to be applied. So save your money as the lashes are included in the cost! 

How Do I Book?

To book your bridal party with me please fill out the Bridal Enquiry Form on this website (in the Bridal section) and I will get back to you shortly.